Water & Wastewater

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Control System of Al Sin water treatment plant.

Control & Monitoring The Plant capacity is 7500 m3/h and the control system consist of 25 Panels (1900 IOs).

Schneider Modicon M340 PLC, CitectSCADA and E+H.

Syria / B

Telemetry & SCADA System for floating pump stations.

Supplying, installing and commissioning telemetry monitoring system of 32 irrigation pump stations, each station with total flow rate about 10 m3/Sec.

Telemetry system from ScadaPack Schneider Elec.Flow sensors E+H.

Iraq / All Country

Adra City, Water Pump Stations.

Measurement, Inverters, Electrical & Control Panel, PLC, SCADA, Instruments (1850 IOs)

Omron CS1D PLC Redundant. sensors E+H.

Syria / Damascus.

Naser and Ghamas

Water Treatment Plant

Two Water treatment plants one in Naser and the second in Ghamas in south Iraq each one 2000 m3/h each control system consist of (1400 IOs)

Schneider Electric Modicon PLCs, and VijeoSCADA

Iraq / Ghamas – Al Naser