Renewable Energy

Project Name



Provision and installation of a 1.2 MW hybrid solar power system with sun tracking technology for 10 water stations in Aleppo countryside, works included installing 2,627 half-cut cell PV panels on sun tracking mounting structures, provision of electrical works and panels, all related civil works such as the general sites infrastructure and fencing, and construction of control rooms and security cabins, off-grid solar systems for the control rooms in each location, solar lighting for all water stations, and SCADA and CCTV systems for monitoring and control purposes.

2627 Panels  and 1,200.00 Total KW2


Provision and installation of 335 KW hybrid solar power system for 6 water stations in different locations in Aleppo countryside, the works included installing 836 PV panels, mounting structure, and all related electrical and civil works.

836 Panels, and  335.00 KW Total Power.


Provision and implementation all materials and works that necessary to install electrical solar system for submersible and chlorine water pumps station in Aleppo.

128 Panels,  and 49.00 KW Total Power.